A few scenes on 3rd St. Kipling Hotel
3rd. St. businesses
More businesses

A pedestrian underpass to get under the 3rd St onramp to the Hollywood Freeway. These exist all over the city, but most of them have been closed off with chain link fence in the last 30 years, I assume because of crime. I wouldn't go into one of these at night, but it wasn't bad in the daytime, except for the stench of urine. Pedestrian underpass

Looking west across Hill St. to Bunker Hill
Birds and buildings

Lunch at Grand Central Market
Grand Central 

A hotel on the northern edge of Skid Row. There are people living in tents on the sidewalk just past this hotel. I didn't take pictures of the tents, partly out of respect for the homeless peoples' privacy (what little privacy they have), but also because I find no humor in it, only sadness. This is not the America I grew up in. What went wrong? St. George Hotel