This trip was doomed from the start. We were going to spend eight days on the road and go all the way to Nebraska, but because of a sick cat ($2,800 in vet bills), an identity theft problem that caused my credit cards to be cancelled the second day out, and other problems, the trip was shortened to 3 1/2 days.

  Day One: Interstate 40 to Flagstaff

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert
     when the drugs began to take hold.
Rest area

  Day Two: From Flagstaff to Salina

  Monument Valley
Selling or Advertising Prohibited
More monuments

  Mexican Hat
San Luis River
Mexican Hat Rock
Small oil well
Abandoned tank

Utah State Highway 261

  Natural Bridges National Monument
Kachina Bridge
Upstream from Kachina Bridge

  Salina, Utah - Home of Mom's Cafe

  Day Three: From Salina to Reno

U.S. Highway 6-50

  On Highway 50 between Eureka and Austin, Nevada, the Mormon crickets were so thick that the road was glazed with the juice of squashed bugs. After driving through this for a while, the smell starts to become nauseating. Mormon crickets, one dead, one alive
Bug extract

Truck Inn