Five years ago today was my first documented walk. I had been wondering if a modern sedentary human being could walk the distance between Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, for example. So I tried it and found out yes, it's quite possible, and even enjoyable. Today I walked the same route to commemorate it. This is how it all began five years ago...
Relic from the previous era of government-induced paranoia

  Franklin Ave.
Franklin Ave between Western and Normandie
Franklin Ave between Western and Normandie

  Franklin Hills
Shakespeare Bridge

Panorama Terrace
Kenilworth Ave.
Pedestrian trail

  Echo Park
Clifford St. Elementary School
Utility pole in trouble
Traffic circle
Blue bottles

  Downtown L.A.
Pasadena Freeway
3rd and Figueroa (L.A. Marriott)

Today's Movie

Google Earth fly-over