A bus and car had tried to occupy the same space at 3rd and Figueroa

  This walk was an attempt to follow the Pacific Electric Edendale line as closely as possible

  Then (August 2002) and now

  The Red Car in 1951 and the 92 bus today

  At Park Avenue, Hollywood and San Fernando Valley cars turned left on their way to Sunset Blvd, while Edendale and Glendale-Burbank cars continued north on private right-of-way in the median of Glendale Blvd.

The Corralitas Red Car Property. Thanks to Geoff Nicholson for pointing this out. I had no idea this was here. An undeveloped, publicly-accessible section of old Pacific Electric private right-of-way.

Then and now. A Red Car crosses the bridge over Fletcher Drive sometime in the early fifties. There's now a building in the spot where that picture was taken, so here are a couple of pictures from either side of that point.

  The north side of Fletcher Drive

  Remains of the bridge where the PE tracks crossed the L.A. River on the way to Glendale

Google Earth fly-over